Cassidy's Jewelry and Loan
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Cassidy's History

3-balls symbol of pawnbrokers The Cassidy family has been serving Stockton for over 100 years. In 1912, William Hands opened a pawn shop at 10 N. El Dorado Street. Hand's son-in-law, Harry F. Cassidy, soon opened his own store and Casidy's Jewelry and Loan was founded.

In 1970 Harry's son, Harry W. Cassidy, bought the building at the corner of Sutter and Market Street. There was room for four stores in the building but only three were occupied so they moved into the one empty store at 44 S. Sutter Street. Two years later, they moved to the corner space at 50 S. Sutter Street and stayed there for 25 years.

In 1979, Tim Cassidy purchased a DEC PDP-11 computer, hired a programmer, and became (as far as we can determine) the first pawnshop in the United States to use a computer to make and track loans.

In 1987, they negotiated with the American Savings and Loan Co. to trade the building at 50 S. Sutter Street for a building across the street at 393 E. Market Street where Tim and Mike (3rd and 4th generation) continue doing business to this day.